Times they are a changing….

Autumn’s in full swing and the trees are a riot of colour.
A walk in the woods here at this time of year is truly beautiful – more than that infact, breathtaking! The colours in the rowan and cherry a fiery red, the golden leaves of the aspen are falling in a waterfall of colour and sound.
This is without doubt my favourite time of year. Mental not to self “must take some photos to post here”


Autumn’s approaching….

I get the feeling in the last couple of days that our recent spell of sunshine is summers final flurry. The Ospreys have left, the Swallows are massing, and the first few Geese honked overhead as I was walking home this evening – there’s a chill in the air that’s been absent for the last few months too. The birch leaves seem to have been the first to feel it, just starting to yellow in places. Caught in the midday sun you might think it’s the golden green of summer you’re seeing but in the last of the evening light you know, Autumn’s approaching……

Welcome to the Ledmore and Migdale Blog

Yes it’s true, the long wait is over – welcome all to the Ledmore and Migdale blog!

You’ll be able to check in here anytime and find out what’s happening and when as well as keeping up to date with the woods and wildlife as the seasons change. I’m Chris, the Community Woodsman for Ledmore and Migdale, and i’ll be your host both here and for the majority of the forthcoming events – we might even cross paths in the woods whilst i’m out working and you’re out walking.

Coming soon
Explore the little visited Oakwood and join us on a guided walk. Date to be confirmed so check back here for further details.

See you soon!

Ledmore and Migdale Woods

A beautiful view of Ledmore and Migdale Woods

A beautiful view of Ledmore and Migdale Woods

Ledmore and Migdale woods lie around the small village of Spinningdale on the shore of the Dornoch Firth.  This is the gateway to Sutherland, once the South land of the Norseman, but for many of today’s travellers it is the last leg of the journey to John O Groats the most northerly point of Scotland.  

On reaching Ledmore and Migdale a network of around 14km of paths and tracks provides access to the site’s stunning landscapes of ancient woodland, open hill, loch and sea shore.  

This is one of the narrowest points of Scotland – with only 30 miles as the crow flies between Spinningdale and the west coast port of Ullapool, it feels as if you can see across a whole nation.

Ledmore and Migdale is certainly worth a visit. You can find out more about the woods on our website  and even share some of your photos if you’ve already visited.